Eric Kelley, a multifaceted artist, reveals the beauty of life through the lens of his camera and the strokes of his creativity. As a wedding photographer, he masterfully captures the essence of love, weaving stories that transcend time. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Eric is a dedicated husband and father, finding inspiration in the daily joys and challenges of family life. His images not only freeze moments in weddings but also reflect the depth of his own experiences, blending the roles of artist, father, and husband seamlessly into a tapestry of genuine emotion and connection. In every photograph, Eric invites you into a world where love and art converge, showcasing the beauty of both his subjects and the life he cherishes.





My passion is using the lens to tell stories.

I have traveled all over the world, collecting stunning imagery on behalf of my couples and clients. I have an exceptional work ethic and my goal is to create imagery that stands the test of time in a flawless and personable way.